Bus Stop

Got my pic on a bus stop. And I didn't even have to become a Realtor or Insurance Salesman!

Poker Table #2

Sanded and ready for stain.

Stained and chip trays upholstered

1/4" 2-EO Volara padding.

Top complete!


Carly Kitteh

Poor Carly Kitteh. Had an abscess. Had to have a drain overnight.

Newest Bracelet

Latest bracelet. Purpleheart sandwiched between Maple.


I don't think I've ever WANTED to make my bed before! But it looks too damn nice not to!


Just chillin outside. Life is good!!!

Back Yard

Hot Tub

Back in business! Only up to 92 degrees so far, or I'd be in it right now!

Sun Room

Sun Room. Finally cleaned all of the leaves and junk that have blown in, since I leave the screen door open 24/7.


Vase, Ink Well, Bowl, Lantern, Vase w/ sgraffito carved dragon.
TONS more pottery, just no pics...


Shed for Dennis. Built by Me, Dennis, and Paul. This was a really fun project!
We also did the fence. NOT as fun. Post augers hurt!!!

R.I.P. My Best Friend

Sniffles - ??/??/???? - 08/06/2010
Hard to believe it's been 3 years since you've gone. I miss you every day buddy! Fuck, this picture is difficult for me...


Dog: Fiona (Foofie)
Cat: Carly Kitty


Such a rough life!


Bathroom remodel I did for next door neighbors. Gutted the entire thing except for the flooring.
New toilet, vanity, sink, plumbing, lighting, wainscotting, moulding, paint, etc.
Did it just for the fun of it.


Same neighbor bought a new cooktop to replace the 1960's model that was there.
Unfortunately, measuring things wasn't part of their plan.
So when I went to install it for them, it basically fit through the original opening.
No problem! Cut a sub-panel and laminated it w/ black formica to deal with the problem. Came out awesome.


Adirondack chair I made. Sitting in garage primed, but never painted. I hate painting.

Cedar Chest

Cedar chest I made. Unfortunately, even using a nice UV protective spar urethane, the lids warped in the sun.

Poker Table

Poker table finished in my shop. Waiting for a buyer.

Poker Table

Poker table I made and sold. In its new owners home.


Bracelet made from fallen tree next door after Hurricane Sandy


Bloodwood & Purpleheart



Yay!!!! The Blue Hibiscus are blooming!!!! Yes, I realize it's purple-ish/pink. I don't name the classifications :)


My old boat. Crownline 202BR LPX. Mercruiser 350 Mag/ Bravo III drive. 60+ MPH top speed!

Maple Bowl

Maple bowl roughed and ready to dry for 6 months.


Pumpkin carvings I've made over the years. Only the top one is a real pumpkin. They take so much effort, I decided to start making them on craft pumpkins so the people could keep them. 3 Views. Original image, unlit carving, lit carving.


Another. No shortage of free wood.


Random goblet made from fallen tree.


Concrete pad for pool heater. I had never poured concrete before. Wasn't too difficult. The hardest part was lugging all the bags of cement around!


Matts sister gave him a table that the dog had chewed the legs all up. Refinished the legs in a nice black lacquer with a ton of clear coat. End result was a serious mirror like finish.

Leak under floor

Radiant floor heat sprung a leak under the concrete slab. Fortunately, I had some experience jackhammering this slab once before.